Basic on a Budget

Basic on a budget. Let’s discuss.

If you’re following me looking for a collection of well-thought-out and professional pictures then you’re in the wrong place. While I do appreciate those that have it all together and have an eye pleasing grasp on how they run their blogs and Instagram pages; you definitely will not find that here. This is only 1 of few professional pictures that I will likely post. Turns out this is the first professional family picture I have ever had done with all 4 of us. With my boys now being 12 and 18 some might think that’s crazy, but spending the time and money on constant (professional) family pictures has just never been my thing. Maybe I might feel differently if it weren’t for smart phones these days. Year after year the cameras on them get better, not to mention the convenience. I have a lifetime of pictures taken on my phones that I’ve downloaded throughout the years (including my own makeshift family photos). I’m OK with that!

While I DID attempt for us to have some sort of rhyme and reason to our outfit choices, it became too much of a struggle to get everyone in agreement, and I quickly realized it wasn’t that serious. That was a hill not worth dying on. All matchy matchy and having our shit together is not real life for us anyway. So here you go. A blend of different patterns and colors. I think at first glance it doesn’t look like a complete mess, but it really is just what we all wanted to wear for the picture. The only exception was my 12-year-old. His wardrobe literally consists of all sportswear. This boy lives and breathes in nothing but basketball shorts, and he hasn’t (willingly) owned a pair of pants in over 4 years. What’s a mom to do? Sure, last resort was to just suck it up and let him wear the dang basketball shorts in our first ever (professional) family picture, but this sort of turned into an opportunity for him to step outside his fashion comfort zone. After many debates he finally agreed to shop for something different but only agreed to shop at Dick Sporting Goods. Imagine that! I got him to budge though, and he settled on a simple shirt and (nicer than basketball) shorts. I’m good with that.

Turning your attention to me now, there is nothing fabulous going on here. I got my entire outfit at Kohl’s for around $15. Can I get an AMEN for clearance racks? I am not ashamed to be sporting clearance rack fashion in any photo. The only item I splurged on were the $40 (on clearance of course) shoes at Nordstrom Rack. They are Clark’s and literally the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever owned. I’ve heard references of Clark’s being old lady shoes, and I don’t really know if there is any truth to that, but I AM an old lady and I require comfort in my old age. They are simple and cute (I think). Or have I completely lost my grasp on fashion? So let’s finish the look off with a mix-and-match of random cosmetics. Cover girl, Maybelline, NYX, and some Up & Up Target brand beauty sponges. There is nothing off the hook expensive for cosmetics here. No hair dye, no fake lashes. Come to think of it I think it’s been about 6-ish years since I colored my hair. (Please don’t zoom in to see the grey hair). I’m so basic, but let me tell you. There has been zero impact to me with all the recent beauty shops and salons shutting down. What you see is what you get. * I am in no way shape or form endorsing the shutdown of these shops. Just so we’re clear. More power to you beauty people.

Believe it or not (and I’m sure it’s not hard for you to believe one bit) we’re fairly simple and tend to go down the most affordable routes. My husband grabbed what he had in his closet, and same with our oldest son. I offered to buy him a new outfit, but he was fine with his hand-me-down jeans from his dad and a shirt he bought at Kohl’s last year. Where else can you find a combination of casual business attire, high heels, Vans, Air Jordans, and a whole bunch of randomness all in 1 family photo. Did I mention first ever family photo? Having San Diego as your backdrop did not hurt my photo session on a budget one bit though. That may have been our saving grace.

So there you have it. Basic on a budget. Don’t be scared.

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