I Miss the Old You

Borderline Genius thought of the day: There is so much beauty in not knowing everything about a person.

I hate that we live in a time where people feel the need to share EVERYTHING on social media. I miss the days when the internet wasn’t around. Let’s take politics for example. I never knew my friends political opinions then and I was perfectly fine with that. Fast forward to today. Don’t get me wrong; social media can be an amazing tool. My goal with social media has always been to stay connected with friends and family, and it has been a great outlet in documenting milestones, celebrations, and our joys in life. I’m sure this was the goal of many initially, but sadly I’ve seen it turn into a toxic environment for a lot of you.

Social media is an unrealistic socializing platform that breeds the mindset that everything needs to be talked about. The same could be said for the news in general.

If you’re blowing up social media with your posts you might want to consider doing more things that don’t involve your phone or computer. When people over-share on social media it makes me value privacy and discretion so much more.

Let’s be real. Social media is making people forget how to communicate. It’s making people act so over the top EXTRA. You’re so hardcore, die-hard on social media, but not when I see you in person (but thank you for that). I’ll take the face-to-face interactions with you all day every day over what I see you post on social media. It will be during those in-person interactions that I will beam with happiness and gratitude just to spend time with you, and I’ll say to myself, “there you are”.

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