Naked Kisses

Borderline Genius thought of the day: I gave up lipstick for you. It’s kind of a big deal.

I was introduced to purple eyeliner by one of my aunts when I was about 12 years old.  It was game over after that.  I’ve been obsessed with makeup ever since.  Back in the 90’s, during my prime, I became especially hooked to lip liner, lipsticks, and lip glosses.  That was a time when the lip liner was MUCH darker than the lipstick, and you would never catch me dead leaving the house without something on my lips.  My boyfriend’s mom (now my mother-in-law) frequently commented on my over-lined lips.  Who would have thought it would be all the craze today? If you had to chose 1 makeup item that you could never live without what would it be?  Twenty years ago my answer would have been lip liner. Today my answer would be eye shadow.

After my dark lip liner addiction I branched out and started experimenting with eye shadows.  While eyeliner was my first introduction into cosmetics I still struggle with wearing it to this day.  There is something about the shape of my eyes, and I just can’t seem to get it figured out.  Thin line, thick line, cat eye, drop line…I’ve tried them all and none of them suite me.  Pencils, liquids, gels.  Yep, I’ve tried them all too.  You will likely find me without eyeliner 9/10 times.  The battle I’ve had over eyeliner throughout the years has never been something I could just walk away from.  Someday somehow I will overcome my eyeliner application flaws.  Chances are I may need to seek professional help on this one.

I’ve been happy living in my comfort zone of eye shadows over the years.  You can do ANYTHING with them. Last Halloween I scrambled to throw something together after work.  My youngest son wasn’t sure until the last minute if he wanted to trick-or-treat.  I’ve always enjoyed getting into the Halloween spirit and dress up with my kids.  With little resources I decided to bust into my eye shadows and attempted to look like a skeleton.  I started by covering every inch of my face with white eye shadow, followed by black eye shadow around the eyes and to accentuate the cheek bones.  White eye shadow came in handy again as I layered it on to create the teeth, and then I stepped outside the box by using turquoise to do some outlining. The real dark black is one (of many) dud eyeliners that I was able to put to use to really make certain areas pop.  Other than that I pulled off my skeleton look almost entirely from Cover Girl eye shadows.  In no way shape or form do I think this is a work of art by a long stretch.  Just a small taste of being resourceful with eye shadows.


So back to the lips.  Before having kids my world revolved around my boyfriend (now husband), friends, hanging out, low riders, cruising, camping, and of course fashion and cosmetics.  Certainly not much different than what teens and twenty-something’s are doing today. At 23-years-old my husband and I had our first son.  I couldn’t get enough of smooching those chubby cheeks of his.  Wearing anything on my lips came to a screeching halt.  My world no longer revolved around any of the things it used to.

Last month was National Lipstick Day.  It was on July 29th.  I don’t know how long this has been a thing, but it reminded me how long it had been since I had even wore lipstick.  Sure there were certain times I would dabble with some color on my lips on special occasions, but it wasn’t very often. The only reason I knew about Lipstick Day was because of Instagram posts I had been seeing that day.  It also prompted me to write this blog which has been a couple weeks in the making.  As usual I’m late to the party. I did not have any common ground with any National Lipstick Day posts about it on Instagram.  That didn’t stop me from posting though.


Speaking of late to the party I recently joined Instagram and Twitter which may be why I had never heard of National Lipstick Day.  Sure I had heard of Kylie Jenner and her notorious lips and the Kardashian’s with their makeup lines.  The million dollar question for me though is do all those babies have lipstick all over those adorable cheeks?  I was such a freak about it with my babies.  I wanted to snack on those cheeks all day long and having to wipe off lipstick from their faces wasn’t worth it to me.  Their faces were sure to get raw from wiping them off constantly if I still wore lipstick. Am I the only one that gave up lipstick when I had kids?

Over time I’d say my makeup application skills are just mediocre compared to what I use to wear in my younger days.  My boys are 16 and 10 now and even though I still smooch those cheeks (whether they like it or not) I think it’s about time this momma gets back in the game.   I’m still stuck on my eye shadows though, but feel like I’m ready to venture out again.  Eyebrows….I can’t do it!!! I’m not feeling THAT adventurous. With my lack of eye liner skills I’m fairly confident my eyebrows would turn out looking like the square root of something.

I’d definitely say I’m old school when it comes to makeup in general.  Turning 40 earlier this year has me thinking I may need a crash course on how makeup (and lipstick for that matter) is even being applied these days.  Forget the mommy makeup. I haven’t been called mommy or young lady for a very long time now. I need a ma’am makeup. I don’t spend a lot of money on cosmetics and have been just fine sticking to my Cover Girl eye shadows and Maybelline master conceal.  I’ve even gone as far as using certain eye shadows for blush, and truth be told I have even put it on my lips also.  I’m telling you…you can use eye shadow for ANYTHING.  Cover Girl needs to come out with a “yo momma” line of makeup that is an all-in-one eye shadow, eye liner, blush, and lip color!  How convenient would that be?  I mean due to my eye liner application deficiency I opt to use eye shadow in lieu of the liner anyway. Come to think of it I think the Kardashian’s would be better suited to pull off a “yo momma” line of…well…probably anything.  More than likely there is probably something out on the market like this that I just don’t know about.  Either way, yo momma (meaning me) aint got time to be messing around with all that makeup.

For now I’m still giving naked kisses.  I know my husband is appreciative of it though so I’m not sure how he would react to me wearing lipstick again.  When I HAVE had anything on my lips and go to give him a kiss he makes a sour face at me and comes in for a ghost kiss.  You know…where you just come in close enough but don’t actually make contact?  I’ve been smoochin his face for 26 years now and even though celebrating our anniversary this past June was indeed a special occasion I still didn’t wear lipstick.  As I embark on reliving my lipstick glory days I just want you all to take a good look at these clean kissless faces.  I think it’s safe to say that nothing can blemish those sweet cheeks.  Not even a face full of lipstick kisses.  The only unsuspecting victim will be my father-in-law.   To be continued………………………………


3 thoughts on “Naked Kisses

  1. I remember being a little girl and wanting to wear makeup like you. I was a girl with all boy cousins and when you came into the family …. it was amazing!!!

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